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Eye Makeup that looks like a Chanel Bag? Why Not!

Somya Suresh | Mar 21, 2016, 14:53 IST
Eye Makeup that looks like a Chanel Bag? Why Not!
The Chanel beauty look you can totally do at home,
The Chanel show titled ‘Front Row Only’ had the best of the couture house’s design ideology on display this year. What caught our attention however was when Gigi Hadid, Kendall Jenner and other models from the Chanel squad walked down the ramp having makeup bags on their eyes!
Well, you certainly hate it when you get bags under your eyes, but what about carrying a Chanel outfit above your eyes?! If you’re dreaming of a Chanel bag and don’t think your dream is going to come true very soon, it makes quite a statement to have them as your makeup, especially on your eyes.

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Just grab some micro fishnets like these, then take your makeup brush and a heavily pigmented eye shadow in the colour you want and gently apply the colour to your lid through the fishnet, using the stocking as a sort of stencil. You can pick lighter colours and even wear it in the day.
The best part? You can even create an ombre effect. Just grab two colours from the same family!


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