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12 Reasons Why Flared Pants Are Your Best Investment This Season

Jagriti Priya | Oct 26, 2015, 09:21 IST
12 Reasons Why Flared Pants Are Your Best Investment This Season
A model in Pratima Pandey
If you haven’t yet bought yourself a few pairs of flared pants this season, then hurry up before you end up being labeled a fashion dinosaur. The best thing to happen to Indian fashion, flared pants are fantastic because they are versatile (they go with both Indian and Western looks), comfortable and just plain cool. If you still need more reasons to go out and get yourself a pair (or four), here are 12 ways to style them this fall-winter.
With an asymmetrical kurta: Asymmetry is all the rage this season (here are 8 ways to wear asymmetrical kurtas to a party.) Flared pants will give your asymmetrical kurti a new edge versus the expected churidaar or leggings.


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  • A model in 11.11 CellDSGN2 of 12
    A model in 11.11 CellDSGN
    With a cropped jacket and formal shirt: Need something avant-garde and yet conservative enough for the workplace? Pair your flared pants with a textured cropped jacket over a formal, old-school white shirt. (Here are 4 ways to wear cropped jackets to college.)
  • A model in Anamika Khanna3 of 12
    A model in Anamika Khanna
    With a crop top: Headed to a beach or pool party? Pair your flared pants with a crop top, and layer with a long, flowing jacket for an uber-cool resort-inspired look. (Read also: How to wear a kimono to a pool party.)
  • A model in Anupama Dayal4 of 12
    A model in Anupama Dayal
    With a shirt kurti: The shirt has got a huge makeover this season (see what it looks like now). The style has been incorporated with Indian silhouettes and is very popular with office-going women. Pair a shirt kurta with a pair of contrast printed flared pants, and you’ll turn a few heads for sure.
  • A model in Aditya Dugar5 of 12
    A model in Aditya Dugar
    With a front-slit kurti: Flared pants are absolutely the best partners for a kurti with a front slit – they preserve your modesty while giving you a trendy look as your kurti moves when you walk. A contrast colour is best for this kind of look. (Peplum is another great shape to try this season. Here are 10 ways to wear a peplum top.)
  • A model in Divya Sheth6 of 12
    A model in Divya Sheth
    With an anarkali: Who wears churidaars with anarkali kurtas anymore? It’s either printed tights, straight-fit pants or, yes, flared pants that are doing the rounds this season. Go for contrast prints, colours and fabrics – matchy-matchy is so 2005. (Here are 12 gorgeous anarkalis to wear to a wedding.)
  • A model in Hemant and Nandita7 of 12
    A model in Hemant and Nandita
    With a straight-fit kurti: Flared pants are the best partners with straight-fit kurtis; they add the required amount of balance at the lower end of your body, and are suitable for both work and a casual day out. Try a sheer or see-through fabric to add some drama. (Do you have heavy hips? Then try these heavy duty solutions?)
  • A model in Hemant and Nandita8 of 12
    A model in Hemant and Nandita
    With a tucked-in shirt: Flared pants look great with a tucked-in formal, collared shirt too, especially if you have to wear them to work. (Here are 8 fabulous Indianwear looks for office.) Add a wide belt like this look from Hemant and Nandita for a chic daytime party look.
  • A model in Chhaya Mehrotra9 of 12
    A model in Chhaya Mehrotra
    Over hot pants: Dying to wear shorts but are too shy to actually do it? Then take a cue from designer Chhaya Malhotra and wear a pair of sheer flared pants over your tiny shorts! (Here is how celebs are wearing cut-off shorts this season.)
  • A model in Hemant and Nandita10 of 12
    A model in Hemant and Nandita
    With a kaftan: Kaftans are a very versatile outfit in themselves. Once a staple to wear at the beach, they have now been adapted into Indian dressing and are paired with a variety of lowers such as tights and cigarette pants -- and even as a dress without lowers. This season, however, designers have used flared pants under kaftans as an alternative, Boho-chic look. Try it! (Here’s more on how to wear kaftans.)
  • A model in Kavita Bhartia11 of 12
    A model in Kavita Bhartia
    For a party: The right kind of fabric and embellishments can convert the typical flared-pants silhouette to a sophisticated party ensemble. Pair it with a short kurti and dupatta – or, as in this look by Kavita Bhartia, with a flowing jacket with slit sleeves. (Incidentally, bell bottoms are back too. Here are 3 ways to style them.)
  • A model in Abhi Singh12 of 12
    A model in Abhi Singh
    With a short kurti and cape: This look isn’t for the faint-hearted! Pair your printed flared pants with a short kurti and add a shrug or cape for a new-age effect. (Here are 5 other smart ways to wear prints with prints.)
    All photographs: Viral Bhayani