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7 Fashion Mistakes Men Make on First Dates

Prerna Gauba | Oct 20, 2015, 17:11 IST
7 Fashion Mistakes Men Make on First Dates
Went on a date last night? The girl hasn’t called you back yet? We know by now you have pressed the ‘rewind and play’ button numerous times in your brain to recall if something went wrong last night. But what if we tell you it was because of your T-shirt or pants? Girls scrutinise you from head to toe, so make sure next time you don’t make these five fashion mistakes while going on a first date.
Khakis: Denims are casual, trousers are formal and khakis are confusing. They lack both the casual look and the formal look so it is better to avoid them and leave them for outings with your friends or for Friday dressing in office. Be it pleated, belted or baggy, they all are shapeless and subtract some of your sex appeal.
Turtle necks or oval necks: In winters, you generally tend to wear turtle-necks to save yourself from the chilly breeze. But when you are going on a date, this is where you can certainly go wrong since these look frumpy and unfashionable – something you need to avoid when trying to impress a woman. Also, oval neck tees are a bad option. Your date would slightly be confused about your sexuality.


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    Tight clothes: Avoid! Don’t wear tight jeans or tees. Girls don’t like men being too feminine and wearing body-hugging clothes.
    Grooming:  You are probably not Johnny Depp, and most girls don’t harbour fantasies of men with hairy faces. (Some do though, so if you find one, go ahead and skip the shave.) Most Indian girls prefer well-groomed guys especially if they’re meeting you for the first time on a hot summer day. Get your hair cut and shave your beard. And keep the coarse moustache only if you don’t plan to ever lock lips with a woman.
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    Joke tees: “Via Agra” or “Awara Hu” – if you plan to wear any of these messages emblazoned on your T-shirt on a date, you are sure to be dumped. You might end up being a topic of discussion amongst her friends for a while but you will also be a part of a list that says ‘Don’t Date’. Crack a joke and show your humour in a conversation, not on your shirt.
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    What’s that on your feet: Women have a thing for shoes – after all, footwear says a lot about a man. Whether yours are sporty, casual or formal, make sure they are presentable, clean and odour-free (duh!).
    Accessories: So here’s the thing: Don’t plan on outdoing your woman when it comes to the number of accessories you’re wearing. Necklaces, bracelets, watches, and (god forbid) earrings – they’re a no-no on your first date. Too much bling and clink is going to remind her of underworld dons or overdressed movie directors. Now that’s one impression you want to avoid, don’t you?