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When and How Can Men Wear White Shoes?

Apoorva Gairola | May 06, 2015, 10:28 IST
When and How Can Men Wear White Shoes?
Sneaker nerds have been blessed this winter with a choice beyond the wildest neons. The cutting-edge alluring stuff is stark white. With the renaissance of minimalism having taken over the fashion kingdom, 'white sneakers' come as a welcome trend for men this season. We bring you all you need to know about this trend, so the next time you spot a pair, you know if it’s the right one for you.
After having graced the GQ Best Dressed Men 2014, Ayushman Khurana shows us how to wear a pair for an evening event. The classy look is qualified with some fabulous semi-formal accents like a tailored blazer, a slim tie and colouredchinos.


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  • Bradley Cooper for GQ2 of 3
    Bradley Cooper for GQ
    White Shoes for Work: We strongly advise you to wear this trend, just don’t panic if your newfound covetable shoes pick up some stains. Slip into a pair for going to work. Yes! They do look good with your boring flannel suits and the monotonous neutral tones of your workwear. Bradley Cooper sports a shiny white pair with a fitted work suit for GQ and hola! No one’s complaining. Just roll up those slim trousers and throw a watch around your wrist, you will have a spring in your step all day.

  • (Left) David Beckham; (right) Ranbir Kapoor3 of 3
    (Left) David Beckham; (right) Ranbir Kapoor
    Wear 'em casually: Wear it casually like David Beckham with a pair of black jeans and hoodie. To accent your ensemble, layer that hoodie with a casual shirt.  On a not-so-cold day, you could slip into a pair with the most basic casual attire, blue jeans and a white tee, like Ranbir Kapoor. What if they fall into the category of casual shoes, a formal flannel suit is not out of their reach. The splendid nature of this fashion pick is going to take your style quotient a notch up, no matter what you choose to don.