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What is Plant Jewellery? Should You Invest in it?

Zain Anwar | Jun 22, 2015, 12:47 IST
What is Plant Jewellery? Should You Invest in it?
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It is absolutely awe-inspiring to even imagine the innumerable possibilities that possess the human mind. Often the brain takes liberties in the creative form and when it does, it usually makes sure it brings out something absolutely adorable and inspiring. One such thing was designed by Icelandic jewellery maker Hafsteinn Juliusson. She called it ‘Growing Jewellery.’
What is Growing Jewellery?

An extremely lovable amalgamation of fashion and environment, growing jewellery or plant jewellery are ornaments that literally breathe. Moss, flowers and other seeds that are growing in reality are used to adorn rings, necklaces, pendants and earrings instead of lifeless gems and stones. The seedlings and plants are literally growing as they are often planted on a lively soil. The jewellery obviously needs care and attention like all plants do. Regular watering and sunlight is necessary for the plants to remain attractive for longer.


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    Growing jewellery comes in several forms and can be chosen according to one’s aesthetics. One of the most striking elements of these is the use of the succulent plant. Succulents are known for being self-sufficient and absorb minerals from sources other than soil. So they are widely used in plant jewellery. Statement earrings, chocker necklaces, bibs and rings are some of the most stunning pieces that the succulents adorn. Moss and seedlings are also used often. While moss usually comes with its base of soil embedded in the rings, seedlings are usually enclosed in a crystal.
    Where is it Available?

    Following the example of Icelandic jewellery maker Hafsteinn Juliusson, others also started experimenting with this unique type of jewellery. It is now being made in Europe. So if you’re heading there anytime soon, make sure you come back with some beautiful pieces. 
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    Photo credit: Joshspear.com
    How to Care for Plant Jewellery ?

    A diamond is definitely for ever, but plant jewellery is not. With succulent based pieces, time and care is key. They store water inside them for long durations and run for almost 12 weeks without any noticeable signs of decay. The best way to make them last longer is to buy them fresh and keep them hydrated whenever possible. By hydration, we are not suggesting you drip them in water, but once you are done flaunting them, spray a generous amount of water.
    With moss based pieces, watering is necessary and so is exposing them to sunlight. Do no keep them closed. Always keep them where fresh air is plenty. 
    So, did plant jewellery grow on you? Tell us in the comments box.