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What Is Hair Chalk? Is It Like Hair Colour?

Zain Anwar | May 13, 2015, 16:39 IST
What Is Hair Chalk? Is It Like Hair Colour?
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For a diva who plays it safe withfashion classics, hairchalk would be something to drool over. Catering to the inhibition of colouring your hair, hairchalk is an extremely easy way of adding those colourful streaks to your hair. And you can do this without the burden and commitment of carrying it for a long time.

What is hair chalk?
These days, hair chalk is being created using a water-based ink. The ink works as microfibers and creates a visibly striking film over your hair strands. The ink is based on water and hence is usually easily replaceable. Rather than hugging the hair as a ‘colour’, it just acts as a layer of ‘makeup.’ This makes the hair chalk lose its grip over the hair with a wash or two and is hence perfectly suited for people who are either hesitant about a hair colour or love to keep changing them. Moreover, they also present a possibility of locking the ink by drying it immediately after application. In India, brands like L’Oreal and The Body Shop offer hair chalk.


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    How do I apply hair chalk?
    There is only one basic pre-requisite for applying hair chalk – moist hair. Moistening the hair is necessary to let the chalk smoothen its application - especially over your curls. After that, applying the hairchalk is as simple as using a chalk on the blackboard. Pick up the section of hair you wish to highlight and then rub the chalk against it – simple! If you have wavy and curly hair, keep twisting themduring application to ensure you get the whole section coloured.  If you wish to keep the colour longer, use a hair dryer on it instantly. It will dry out the chalk and help it stay on for a long time.
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    Photo credit: Top10inaction.com
    What are the precautions? Will it harm my hair?
    Hair chalk is about chalk after all. It feeds on the moisture of the hair and must be washed once you are done having fun with it. In any case, do not keep it on for more than a day or two as it can dry out your hair. If you have respiratory problems, we’d advice you to cover your nose and face while applying hair chalk. You might inhale the fumes from the chalk and that might cause trouble.
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