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What Is Gingham and How Do You Wear It?

Anupam Dabral | May 20, 2015, 10:25 IST
What Is Gingham and How Do You Wear It?
Gingham is a lightweight plain woven fabric made from dyed cotton yarn. It is a printed fabric known for its checkered patterns of white and bold colours. Although the size of the checks can vary, it is typically found with the checks appearing in horizontal rows and vertical columns. The checks also can appear to be arranged diagonally. Gingham dates back to the 17th century, when it became popular in Europeand later exported to the American colonies, which led to a major economic boom in many places, including Manchester, England, and the colonies in southeastern United States. Gingham’s fashion legacy dates back to the times of Hollywood actress Brigitte Bardot, who famously wore a pink gingham dress at her wedding. Judy Garland wore a blue gingham dress in the classic Hollywood film, Wizard of Oz.


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    How to wear it?
    What makes gingham unique is its versatility. Be it a formal occasion or a night out with friends, it looks cool if styled properly. If you are heading out for a board meeting, pick up a classic black and white gingham shirt, pair it with black wide-legged pants and black fitted blazer and you are ready to go. Don’t forget to pick up a classic watch. Combinations of pink and green with white can look very playful, so if you are heading out for a lunch with friends be free to pick up a light gingham dress and wear a belt over it. If you are feelingadventurous, you can even pair separates in ginghams (we suggest you do this only when you are confident enough to pull the look). 
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    Models wearing ( L to R): Diane Von Furstenberg, Oscar De la Renta and Diane Von Furstenberg
    Where was it seen recently?
    Gingham has been a rage this season. From Oscar De La Renta, Alexander Wang to Altuzzara, all top designers agree that gingham is the trend to celebrate this spring-summer. While Altuzzara presented the classic combination of pink and blue gingham checks oozing glam, Oscar De La Renta presented gingham in the form of classic cover-ups. A designer known for her prints, Diane Von Furstenberg also experimented with the classic black and white gingham with a dramatic infusion of canary yellow. New York-based designer Michael Korspresented his urbane ensemble with hints of gingham in his umbrella skirts and tops.