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Should Men Also Go For Body Hair Removal By Laser?

Shaily Rawat | Feb 08, 2016, 14:11 IST
Should Men Also Go For Body Hair Removal By Laser?
Hair removal was supposed to be a girly thing. And men were nowhere near it. Since hair, particularly facial hair, was the sign of their manly rugged identity. As bizarre as it sounds, modern men are ditching old school thoughts and want to look chikna 24/7. Whether it comes to showing off a tattoo with no hair on their shoulder or getting rid of the nuisance of shaving every single day: men are seeking permanent solution for hair removal. Fashion101.in has all your queries answered.
How does it work? Is it safe?
During treatment, a laser beam penetrates the skin, destroying every hair follicle with heat and light. Once follicles are damaged, it’s hard for hair to grow back. You’ll need 6 to 8 sessions, spaced 10 days apart, to see the results. And yes, it is safe, as long as you’re in professional hands. People with dark colour hair benefit the most and get long-lasting results. It does not work on hair that is grey, white, light red, light brown or blonde.
Does it hurt?
Whatever discomfort you will face during the laser procedure, it would be far less than the pain of waxing and threading. However, some people do experience little discomfort like having a rubber band snap your skin, but the feeling goes away immediately. It’s a three-step procedure which begins with removing unwanted hair with a razor. Next, a thick gel will be applied over the skin. Lastly, your skin will be scanned with a laser light for a few minutes.
Will laser remove hair permanently?
The result differs from person to person. Majority of people who do laser hair removal are happy with the result and their hair don’t grow back. In case it does, it’s definitely finer than before.
Is it worth the expense?
Laser hair removal is not cheap, but it does save time and has minimal maintenance. The approximate cost of laser in the market for beard hair removal is: Rs 15,000; Chest: Rs 40,000; Back: Rs 45,000 and Full Body: Rs 1,50,000.