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What Are Skorts? Have You Ever Worn Them?

Anupam Dabral | Apr 21, 2015, 14:17 IST
What Are Skorts? Have You Ever Worn Them?
Lisa Haydon in a skort
With changing trends, hybrid fashion outfits have become the biggest head turners. It is all about the reinterpretation of a classic outfit. A skort is a reinterpretation of the classic skirt, somewhere between a pair of shorts and a skirt, the garment has now acquired a must-have status. They should be the next addition to your wardrobes.
What Are Skorts? If you are looking for a skirt and want to add a practical tinge to it, skorts are meant for you. Skorts can be a great alternative to show some leg, yet be comfortable. With abbreviated hemlines and asymmetrical cuts in shape of an envelope, skorts have the comfort of shorts and the charm of a skirt, that’s why they have become an instant hit. What makes skorts unique is their versatility and practicality.


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    The Return Of The Skort: Skorts are a rage this season and a number of international designers such as Versace, Alexandre Vauthierand Dior have reinterpreted skorts and have made them into must-have party wear. They have also become a staple street style signature. If you believe in cool and casual dressing, experiment with a skort. In India a number of veteran designers such as Tarun Tahiliani, Tanvi Kedia and Pia Pauro have created their own versions of colourful summery skorts. 
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    How To Wear Skorts: Start experimenting with black skorts as they look cool and one can create a number of looks with it. Pair it with striking bright shirts or a floral tank top. If you want to go for a sportier look, we suggest you pair skorts with cool multicoloured sneakers or even white sneakers. You can wear a simple loose denim shirt and you are ready to go. When heading out for a cocktail pair them with high heels and wear a light blazer on top to make a statement.  If you are comfortable in showing off those toned legs this summer,there’s really nothing better than skorts.
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