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What Are Jouy Prints? Where Did They Come From?

Zain Anwar | Aug 14, 2015, 13:39 IST
What Are Jouy Prints? Where Did They Come From?
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Creativity is not always about finding newer visions and horizons. Sometimes, it’s also about revisiting the past and coming out with a fresh perspective. Fashion in Europe has not just been limited to the outfits on the ramps and style on the streets. It has always had more meaning than that. It is from this extension that we get the amazing jouy prints from.
What are Jouy Prints?
Based on a white or off-white background, Jouy prints basically involve digitally printed graphics in a way that it narrates a story. Usually, the prints carry characters that are involved in some activities across the cloth. The activities, if looked at together, suggest a storyline which is up for innumerable interpretations.
The prints are usually pastoral in nature and are generally created using one colour. They usually highlight scenes like couples enjoying a day in the farm, plucking fruits and more.


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    How Did They Come Into Existence?

    Owing to the import from India, France had found a new love for the breezy cotton fabric. The government banned the cloth due to its popularity over French fabrics. Soon, France, too, started creating cottons to beat the dependency on British India. A city in France called ‘Jouy-en-Josas’ started delving out printed cottons for France. The fabrics were known as ‘Toille De Jouy’ which meant ‘Canvas of Jouy’. It was used extensively across France for furniture coverings, wallpapers and the like.
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    Photo credit: Asos.com
    Jouy Prints in Contemporary Fashion

    Jouy prints have boomeranged back into fashion. Designers have revisited them and have carried it round the world. Today, they can be seen on several outfits and all of them are extremely pleasing to the eye. Going by the tradition, dresses with Jouy prints are the most elegantly chic choice to make. They are now also coming up in shirt dresses, jumpsuits, sneakers and shirts. Men are also adopting Jouy with joy. The trend is visible in classy shirts, edgy trousers and innovative suits and ties (Read here about skinny ties).

    Kurtas, too, can be a great canvas to Jouy print. The Indian fashion fraternity is also warming up to the trend. If you do get your hands on one, take it to your tailor and create beautiful kurtas with it.
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