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What are Bubble Nails and Why Are They All Over Instagram?

Zain Anwar | Aug 12, 2015, 11:03 IST
What are Bubble Nails and Why Are They All Over Instagram?
Photo credit: Pinterest
When it comes to beauty, nails have always been a great way for women to express themselves. Several trends have been around for nails and the “Bubble Nail” is the latest rage that is blowing up Instagram.
Basically created with layers of acrylic, bubble nails create a sphere-like 3D shape atop the nails, making them look exaggerated and puffy.

The acrylic is piled on the middle of the nail and is gradually reduced around the edges. This creates a dome-like structure on the nails to create the effect. Bubble nails not only highlight the nails but also provide a canvas for more nail art.


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    The trend is being adopted heavily in the west as women across several countries have been flaunting their bubbled nails on Instagram and other social media platforms. Not everyone is kicked about this trend, though. Some fashionistas have spoken out against it for being heavy on acrylic and also for rendering a fake look to the nails.

    Well, scroll down for interesting photos and decide which side of the debate you stand on.
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