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What are Boat Shoes and How To Wear Them?

Zain Anwar | May 21, 2015, 15:36 IST
What are Boat Shoes and How To Wear Them?
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Reintroduced as a major summer trend this year, boat shoes bridge the gap between laced-up shoes and casual moccasins. A blessing for people who appreciate dressiness in a casual silhouette, boat shoes are here to stay.

What are boat shoes?
Originally designed to be worn on boats, the boat shoe or the deck shoe was usually crafted in canvas and leather. Modern boat shoes come with two major elements: one is the piping that runs across the shoe’s upper. The piping leaves a trail of wrinkles on the round-toed upper which accentuates the style of the shoe. Inspired from the usual moccasins, boat shoes come with a laced-up twist. A leather lace is added to the shoe to customize the fit.
Another major element in the boat shoe is the use of a non-marking sole. Essentially used for sports, the non-marking sole of the shoe adds to its comfort factor.


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    How to wear them?

    Boat shoes are essentially a summer trend and go well with almost all bottoms. Due to their completely gender-neutral nature, boat shoes present a bundle of styling options.  Men may wear it with their cropped chinos and jeans. What is essential is to keep the look dressed down. Pairing your boat shoes with a dressed up look will spoil the look entirely. Women would also find boat shoes stylish with jeans and chinos. They look great with frocks and shorts too. Wearing a flared skirt or an ankle-length skirt is not a great idea though.
    While wearing boat shoes, wearing socks is completely optional. Infact, it is advisable that you go without socks.
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    How to care for them ?
    Most boat shoes come with leather laces, it is hence not advisable to lace up everytime you wear them. Leather has a tendency to stretch and with more use, the lace will stretch to twice its size. The idea is to tie it comfortably once and slip your feet in and out of it.
    Whenever you are not wearing the shoes, stuff them with paper and take out the laces. The boat shoe is usually crafted with a superfine quality of leather and hence can lose shape easily. Stuffing them with paper will help them be in shape.
    Water and leather can never be friends; do not dip your boat shoes in water. Never.
    Do you have a boat shoe ? Tell us how you style them ?