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What's the Difference in Hair Gel and Hair Wax?

Apoorva Gairola | Jul 27, 2015, 16:04 IST
What's the Difference in Hair Gel and Hair Wax?
Photograph: Taylor Lautner
What’s what
A hairstyling product that is applied to wet hair is what we call a hair gel. Consumers can find several kinds of hair gels on the basis of gel consistency, liquid consistency and even spray gels! The holding power can be light or strong or anything in between. Hair gels are preferred for styles that are allowed to air dry.
Hair wax, as the name suggests, is a much thicker product as it contains wax. As compared to alcohol-based hair gels, hair wax is suppler and doesn’t dry out as much.
So what should you choose?
When deciding on which product is better for you, keep the following in mind:
They are both hairstyling products and both help in keeping the hair in shape and manage the dryness but you are bound to develop loyalty for either of the two depending on your requirements.
Hair gel users face a problem in adding volume to their hair and observe that the hair dries out over time whereas if you use hair wax will notice that your hair has a decent texture and is considerably mobile.


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  • Photograph: Park Avenue Styling Gel Glacier, Rs 95 @ Flipkart.com; SCHWARZKOPF Osis Mess Up Hair Wax, Rs 850 @ Jabong.com2 of 2
    Photograph: Park Avenue Styling Gel Glacier, Rs 95 @ Flipkart.com; SCHWARZKOPF Osis Mess Up Hair Wax, Rs 850 @ Jabong.com
    Alcohol, which is a major ingredient of hair gels, can damage hair strands over prolonged usage leaving your tresses dry and brittle. Therefore, if gel is your way to go, make sure you get deep conditioning treatments done regularly. Also, washing the gel out of your hair can also help in saving them.
    One major problem that many hair gel users face is that once the gel dries out, it leaves the hair rather rigid and clumpy. Though it is a boon for short hair, yet it doesn’t prove to be the best choice for longer hair. If you sport long tresses but prefer gels over wax, opt for a lighter one with a lower alcohol content.
    The unpleasant smell of hair gels is another factor to consider. Choose one with a scent that you can bear to smell all day long.
    Hair wax on the other hand has no alcohol (usually), so no frizz! In fact, it contains moisturizers to make hair softer over time. Also, when it dries, it doesn’t make the hair crusty. It tames the frizz and adds shine leaving the hair soft and bouncy. If you have long hair, you will love this.
    But wax does come with its fair share of disappointments. Do not use too much of the product as it makes the hair look greasy and you must also wash it out everyday for the same reason.
    Another problem with wax is that it can only be applied to dry hair since wax and water don’t really mix well.
    So now you know! We recommend you try out several brands and products before narrowing down on your favourites.
    What products and brands do you prefer for your hair? Share your feedback and tips below in the comment box.