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Sonakshi's Stylist Sakshi Mehra Models for Pookaari + Valliyan

Fashion101 | Jul 31, 2015, 09:40 IST
Sonakshi's Stylist Sakshi Mehra Models for Pookaari + Valliyan
Sakshi Mehra for Pookaari.com

Pookaari.com, an online curated designer accessory portal, is all set to join hands with renowned accessory designer Nitya Arora of “Valliyan”. The joint collection is an eleven-piece line that includes earrings, neckpieces, hand-cuffs and head-gears. The collection goes live on August 13, 2015.

Nitya is known for her esoteric style when it comes to crafting jewellery. Her striking blend of semi-precious stones, glass, crystals, metals, bright Indian hues and rare materials all combined with gold plating make her one of India’s brightest accessory designers today.

Nitya says, “Accessory designers work as hard as clothing designers and the buyers need to start getting more professional about buying accessories. When I was putting together the line for Pookaari.com, my idea was to keep it design-oriented, aesthetic yet affordable so it reaches a vast audience.”

ShriVyshnavi Annush, founder of Pookaari.com and blogger for Fashion101, firmly believes that this association would open fresh avenues. She says, “I've always loved Nitya's jewellery for its boldness and its ability to make a statement. With this exclusive collaboration, Pookaari is going to be a more coveted place to shop for curated designer fashion accessories.”


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  • Saakshi Mehra wearing Valliyan jewellery. Photo credit: Viral Bhayani2 of 2
    Saakshi Mehra wearing Valliyan jewellery. Photo credit: Viral Bhayani

    Sakshi Mehra, celebrity stylist to Sonakshi Sinha, is the face of the association. Being a first for her, Sakshi is extremely elated to add beauty, style and exclusivity to this launch. “It is an excellent endeavour to get a designer like Valliyan on Pookaari. E-commerce is the future and it gives consumers access to curated accessories from different designers under one roof. Having seen and worn the entire line, I believe they're all fun statement pieces and can really take an outfit from casual to dressy! There are so many great accessory designers out there and having easy access to these designer pieces online holds great value.”


    Tejini Kariappa, founder of Estrada, the firm that curated the association, states, “The idea to bring ace celebrity stylist Sakshi Mehra to be the face of the campaign was to bring a sense of realism to the brand with authenticity to words like style, fashion and personality. We wanted real achievers to tell the story through the Pookaari - Valliyan association as that is what the brand collaboration encapsulates.”