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Don't miss out on an exciting fashion concert by Kalpvraksha

Ananya Bhowmik | Feb 23, 2017, 13:53 IST
Don't miss out on an exciting fashion concert by Kalpvraksha
Performance at Kalpvraksha
Kalapvraksha is organising a fashion concert on February 26 at Dilli Haat, Janakpuri from 11am to 7pm. It is a mix of entertainment and information based on the theme of Diabetes Prevention Awareness.
Event will start with an inter-college competition where students will be participating to perform on the concerned theme. It will be followed by a musical performance by Step On The Beat, discussion on prevention and cure of diabetes by prominent Delhi-based doctors. This will give way to a fashion show and then performance by VIP. There will also be free diabetes check up at the event.
"Highlight of the event will be Page 3 celebrities walking on the ramp in support of the concerned cause," says Ravi Tondak, Vice President, Kalpvraksha.
About Kalpvraksha: Kalpvraksha is a NGO run by people keen to work for health, environment, education, awareness programs. Under Kalpvraksha, team wants to do their bit for the betterment of our planet and society.
Website: www.kalpvraksha.org/
Event Partners: Fashion101.in, Rockland Hospital, DesignZone Academy


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