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9 Disastrous Mistakes Brides Make Before their Wedding

Prerna Gauba | Oct 16, 2015, 12:52 IST
9 Disastrous Mistakes Brides Make Before their Wedding
Photo credit: Tarun Chawla
Every girl dreams of being a quintessential bride at her wedding. As she steps in at the venue, all eyes roll towards her scanning her from head to toe. Aunties start their gossip about the bride with their expert analysis. “I like the bride’s ensemble,” “Lucky girl she is,” “Look at the hairdo, it looks like a birdcage.” Amongst all these comments you are struggling with the dupatta and the heavy lehenga or fading makeup. So if you plan to shine like a queen on your D-day then here is Fashion101.in’s list of mistakes to steer clear of.
Don’t forget the essentials. We forget the essentials and pick everything we like. Shop smart and only for things you will need that are important rather than the ones you loved on the mannequin. (Here are 10 trousseau must-haves)

Learn time management. We often start shopping for our lehenga in advance but take a lot of time finding the one we want. So the designer or boutique is left with lesser time than required. Keep in mind that most stores will ask for minimum three months and if you have purchased a lehenga with intricate detailing they may need more.
Too much is too bad. When it comes to makeup, we generally don’t pay attention to minute details. Just choosing the right makeup artist is not enough. Telling her what you want and how you want it is equally important. Highlight your key feature and keep the rest minimal. Take a trial session for sure. (Here are 7 makeup mistakes women make)


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