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What? A New-age Smart Bra That Helps You Stay Fit?

Fashion101.in | Jan 06, 2016, 11:46 IST
What? A New-age Smart Bra That Helps You Stay Fit?
There is hardly anybody who could deny or ignore the possibilities of our digital future. Technology has seeped into our clothing too and very soon, we are going to wear clothes that don’t just make us look smart, but ones that are smart themselves.
In a major step towards this, OmSignal, a Canadian firm, has developed a first-of-its-kind smart bra. Taking smartness to innerwear too, OmSignals has developed a sports bra that can actually read your heart rate, breathing rate, calories burnt and other such statistics!

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The bra is equipped with sensors around its base. These sensors record the movement of your body and ribs and wirelessly transfer the data through OmSignal’s smartphone app. The app also has a feature which will enable the smart bra to record your running patterns and other details as well.
While people have not been able to test the bra for longer durations, from initial tests, people seem to be suggesting that the bra is actually a very comfortable one. This is an added advantage to this technologically advanced product. As expected, the bra is slightly on the expensive side. But those who use fitness trackers understand that the cost of the bra is actually reasonable. Priced at at a whopping Rs 9000 (approx), the bra is set to hit the market in a few months.