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The Best Shoes for Every Sport!

Zain Anwar | Sep 08, 2015, 14:14 IST
The Best Shoes for Every Sport!
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‘Sports Shoes’ are no longer the norm with players who take their game seriously. With the advent of higher technology in the footwear industry, people who love their game have understood the value of specialized footwear. So if you love sports and the best time of the day is when you are at the sports complex, read on to know how one shoe is different from others.

1. Cricket: In cricket, the needs of a batsman and a bowler are extremely different. Bowlers need shoes that have an increased space for their ‘big toe’. Once the run-up ends in the bowling action, the toe does move forward and so bowlers must prefer shoes with a little toe space. Batsmen though, need an upper that grips the feet well. So choose one that sticks close and has a cushion. They also stand out for removable spikes, which help you run harder. While fielding, they can be dangerous as they may scratch the fielder’s body. So a specialized removable spike shoe is a must.


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    2. Soccer: Designed for reducing traction on the grassy field, soccer specialized shoes are called ‘studs’. They are created using plastic, metal or rubber depending upon the need of the player. Although metal is the most lethal performer, it has also been banned by several organizations for posing threat of injuries to players.  When buying studs, ensure that the base is firmly attached to the upper. The feet should have a little moving space inside and the toe should have proper cushioning. (Here’s what you need to know about running shoes)
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    3. Badminton or Squash: As both these games are played indoors on specially created courts, non-marking shoes are a must.  Designed to eliminate roughness and scratches on the court, they have specialized sole created from TPU (a type of plastic). It is moulded to create a lightweight sole which doesn’t damage the court. When choosing a non-marking shoe, ensure that it’s breathable. Totally covered uppers will leave you tired very early. Also, ensure that the sole isn’t very hard. Check this by bending the toe of the shoe.
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    4. Basketball: Basketball shoes are created with high quarters and flat soles. The quarters are high to ensure the feet in place and flat rubber soles increase grip. A herringbone pattern further improves stability and traction. When buying one, ensure that the quarter doesn’t rub harshly against your ankles to avoid bruises. Also, the thicker the sole, the better the grip and more the weight, so choose the thickness according to your preference.
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    5. Tennis Shoes: A sport that requires a high level of fitness and technique can’t be played with your running shoes. Tennis shoes come with a blunt toe that has the sole's base. This enables the player for rapid forward sprints. The soles have extended grips on the sides to enable speedier and more comfortable lateral movement. (Here are the essentials for racquet sports lover
    6. Swimming: Just kidding. You don’t need shoes for that. Well, flippers maybe!