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Run Baby Run! But Not Without These Essentials!

Somya Suresh | Jul 29, 2015, 15:25 IST
Run Baby Run! But Not Without These Essentials!
Have you been thinking of starting a running workout for a long time? Confused about how and where to start off? Running is a physical exercise that’s one of the best ways to keep the heart healthy and your body lean and toned. But are you getting bogged down by thinking how much you should invest in running equipment? F101 comes to your rescue every time and this time is no different. If you’re a first-time runner, we suggest you stock up on these five essentials before going down to the park.
Running Shoes: This isn’t just an essential but honestly, the most important one. Your shoes are what will set your pace, rhythm and motivate you to run that extra mile. And if you don’t have good shoes, you’ll find it extremely hard to make it to the finish line. Running shoes are different from jogging and walking shoes. They have shock absorbers, which help reduce the jerks you get. Make sure they have enough space in the front as your leg tends to slip ahead while you run. The material should be well-ventilated so that your feet don’t get sweaty and slippery.
Breathable Sportswear: Wear fitted but comfortable lowers that allow movement. But at the same time they should be able to handle the sweaty exercise of running. You need fabrics that dry up quickly and don’t trap moisture. Same goes for your shirts. Opt for lightweight and quick-dry T-shirts that are neither too fitted nor too loose. Sportswear brands have special ranges that stay cool and wick off sweat to be keep you dry and comfy.
Good Sports Bra: This again is a really important point to factor in. A good sports bra not just protects your breasts from sagging, but also helps you focus better as it reduces the movement and jerks significantly. Why can’t you wear a normal bra for a run, you ask? A normal bra is only good for reducing breast movement while walking, not running. Buy a bra that’s designed for high impact sports; these keep the ligaments around the breasts from stretching too much.
Quality Sipper: Planning to run that extra mile? Make sure you buy a sipper that’s easy to grip and doesn’t slide away from your hand. It’s important to stay hydrated while running so that you don’t collapse out of exhaustion. It’s exactly that one sip of water that’ll help you stay motivated and hydrated when you’re planning to give up.
Pedometer or Fitness Tracker: Tracking your achievements is a confidence booster! While you can download apps on your phone for this, we suggest you buy a simple digital pedometer or fitness tracker watch like the Fitbit Force. This will also help to keep your mobile phone away which has proven to be the number one distraction in most cases.
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