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5 Essentials for Everybody Who Plays Racquet Sports

Zain Anwar | Sep 03, 2015, 13:30 IST
5 Essentials for Everybody Who Plays Racquet Sports
For everybody whose heart lies in the check created by the racquet’s strings, love can never be found in anything other than sports. Those who play with racquets understand that sports is the best form of showing love to yourself. So before passion sets in and the adrenaline starts pumping, read below to understand the essentials every racquet sports player must have in their bag.
1. Tees: First things first, cotton tees are not made for sports. The fabric naturally absorbs sweat and makes the T-shirt heavier. It not only affects your agility and speed, but also causes harm to your skin. The answer is to choose breathable fabrics created for sports. They throw out the sweat, remain light and keep the skin away from absorbed sweat
2. Shoes: Every sport has different types of shoes specifically meant for it. While squash and badminton call for non-marking shoes, tennis shoes are specially designed for the turf. Do not make the mistake of carrying one shoe everywhere. If you haven’t made the purchase yet, invest in a pair that is light, flexible and has comfortable insoles.

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3. Socks: As a player, you must learn to differentiate between sports socks and others. They are an essential part of your kit. Wearing socks that are too tight will always hamper the blood flow to your feet making you tired and weary. Invest in cotton like socks but always ensure that they are never too tight on your calves.
4. Shorts: If the shorts are too tight on your waist, its constant movement will give you rashes and cuts. Ensure that your shorts have an adjusting band and it’s always tied comfortably. When buying, prefer ones which come with a lining on the crotch area. It helps in absorbing the sweat around your thighs and private parts.
5. Armbands: Apart from the glory, the main thing sports give you is sweat. Always ensure that the sweat doesn’t stay on your face for a very long time. Always wear a towel based armband around your hands and use it to clean your face every time the opponent loses a point.
And please, don’t forget your deodorant.
No matter what you do, don’t wear these things to the gym.