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The Dress Code for Your First Karva Chauth After Marriage!

Renu Chouhan | Oct 28, 2015, 14:09 IST
The Dress Code for Your First Karva Chauth After Marriage!
Once the wedding ceremonies have finally ceased and the honeymoon too has come to an end, the only thing that excites (and also makes your nervous) is your first ever Karva Chauth. If the thought of going without water and food for the entire day wasn’t enough; there is also the pressure of looking your best for the auspicious occasion. So Fashion101.in presents 7 tips which will make your first Karva Chauth something that you will always remember – and so will your hubby!


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    1. Mind the Glitter: If you are one of those ladies who believe that glitter and bling is the essence of life and festive dressing, think again. For the first ever Karva Chauth, explore the elegance and grace of a no-bling outfit. What better inspiration than Sonam Kapoor? She’s dressed elegantly for a promotional activity of ‘Prem Ratan Dhan Paayo’. (These saris will spice up your Diwali)
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    2. Gown or High Skirt: Trends have changed over the years and the modern bride is embracing all of them in style. If you too wish to move past the lehenga and sari, this is the time. Gowns and high skirts are currently in vogue and present a wonderful option for dressing up. (Here are the 6 types of shoes every woman must have)
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    3. Go Easy on the Jewellery: We know that this is your first Karva Chauth but going over the top is not cool either. Your love for jewellery may say otherwise but try to balance it with your outfit. Too much jewellery will spoil your look completely and also make you uncomfortable and irritable since you will be hungry all day. If your outfit is heavy, go with delicate jewellery pieces. But if your outfit is understated, feel free to wear big statement pieces.  (This is how to check the purity of diamonds.)
    4. Perfect Makeup: Since your outfit will probably be colorful and heavy, the makeup should be on the lighter side. If you are going for an understated outfit, wear a bright lip shade to brighten the look. (Don’t make these jarring makeup mistakes.)
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    5. Recycle the Wedding Lehenga: The wedding lehenga was not just brought for a day. Indeed, wearing your lehenga will be a bright idea but with the glitter on it, it might just be too bright an idea. Wear the lehenga by adding a twist to it. (Click here to find out how to recycle your lehenga)
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    6No Matching-Matching: Perhaps, your mother in law will insist you wear an all-red ensemble with matching bangles and makeup. Well, we know you already have to adjust a lot but adjusting here would be a style sin. Matching the entire silhouette is an idea that has died long back. Contrast your look and keep it fresh. One or two pieces should be enough as shagun.
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    7. Freshen up the Sari: If you are planning to wear a sari, step aside from the crowd and try something truly new and refreshing. There are several ways of draping the sari. If that is not enough, invest in blouses that have moved away from the ordinary. Interesting designs on blouses, trendy necks and prints are enough reasons to experiment.  (Drape your sari differently this way)