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What to Wear on your First Date? Sunny Leone Answers!

Anupam Dabral | Apr 28, 2016, 10:05 IST
What to Wear on your First Date? Sunny Leone Answers!
Sunny Leone in Neha Agarwal
She is Bollywood’s mega babe! Not only is she bold, but her fashion sense and her knack of making some of the most risqué outfits look tasteful is commendable.
You may wonder what this Bollywood sweetheart dresses like while on a romantic date with her hubby. Well, she knows how to dress her part, and dress it right. In fact, the actor is an expert at giving tips and sharing her fashion knowledge with all. So, for every girl who is planning to go out on her first date, watch the video and know what Sunny has to say about it.


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    This is what Sunny Leone has to say:
    1. Do not experiment with the size of the outfits. The fit of the garment should be spot on. Too loose or too tight is a definite no-no.
    2.  Avoid wearing something risqué. You do not want to give a wrong impression about yourself the first time you’re meeting the person in a romantic setup.
    3. Keep it simple and do not try too hard to impress. 
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