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Dear Men, Remember These Essentials for Your Honeymoon

Zain Anwar | Sep 23, 2015, 15:50 IST
Dear Men, Remember These Essentials for Your Honeymoon
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Honeymoons are not like any of the trips you have taken earlier. Those precious few days where you spend every minute with your loved one will be remembered till you have a second honeymoon. While your new bride has been preparing for this moment since ages, our quick guide will tell you how to look as good as her for the trip. Fashion101.in lists the essentials for your honeymoon.
1. Dress Shorts: After all, your honeymoon is the time to relax and chill. Shorts define casualness like nothing else and would be just perfect for your days lounging about. Since it’s not your bro gang’s hangout trip, oblige yourself by picking slightly dressier shorts. No Batman and Superman prints please. Cotton, denim, linen or khaki, your shorts should be classy enough for the trip.
2. Shirts: No, sir. Not your formal or office shirts. When you are keeping an extra pair of shorts, add some linen shirts to the suitcase too. Experiment with colours and patterns. (Here’s how to wear pink like a man.) Stay away from boring ones and choose ones that lighten up your look. You can also try denim.
3. Tees and Polos: Yes, we understand that shirts are not always perfect when you are going sightseeing. Keep a pack of polos and tees handy and alternate them according to your need and the places you are visiting or things that you plan. (You can even wear them for fine dining once you read these tips!)
4. Footwear: When you haven’t been miserly with your trip budget, why be miserly with the amount of footwear you take along? Apart from your flip-flops, your sneakers and your boat shoes are a must. While flip-flops are for your hotel room and a late-night romantic walk on the beach, boat shoes and sneakers are for your sightseeing trips and treks respectively. If your boat shoes are elegant enough for dinner, you won’t need anything else. If not, keep a pair of derby shoes ready. (These are 6 styles of shoes you should know about.)


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    5. Blazers and Jackets: Jackets are necessary for functionality reasons. Temperatures may vary on your trip and on your journey. A zipped bomber jacket would be perfect for this case. (Here are the best new jackets of the season.) And how can a honeymoon be complete without a romantic candle-lit dinner at a fine-dining restaurant? Dress your best for dinner with your love and wear a classy blazer and trousers for the evening. (This is how you can wear a blazer in all seasons.) Make the dinner truly memorable, and do gaze into her eyes, not just at the mirror.
    6. Sunscreen and Sunglasses: This bit doesn’t need any explanation. The sun will try the best to bake you with its rays. Prepare your defence by keeping your sunglasses and sunscreen at your disposal. (This is why you need sunscreen in every season.)
    7. Swimming Trunks: Well, no brainer here. Certainly take your swimming trunks. Even if you don’t like swimming, a dip in the pool with bae will be worth it. Please, buy new ones.
    8. Innerwear: You know what I mean. No dirty underwear, man. None of them must be in your bag.
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