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Turning 40? Ban These Things from Your Closet Now

Prerna Gauba | Oct 29, 2015, 16:13 IST
Turning 40? Ban These Things from Your Closet Now
Jennifer Lopez in a Versace dress at the Grammy's. Not a perfect pick for a kitty party
Even at the age of 50, Carrie Bradshaw in ‘Sex and the City’ was seen wearing bling dresses, miniskirts and graphic tees but as she steps off-screen and transforms into Sarah Jessica Parker, she has to dress her age. This is one thing every woman must follow after 40. Unless you have the personality and devil-may-care attitude of 93-year-old fashion icon Iris Apfel, we list 10 things you shouldn’t wear after the calendar hits 40.
Graphic tees: Since our childhood days we are wearing ‘Tweety’ or ‘Simpsons’ T-shirts. Even in the 20s, we paired them with blazers and shorts but now in the 40s they are a big no-no. In case you want to reminisce about childhood memories, you can wear them to bed.
Tube tops: We are sure you have them in all colours but please don’t wear them by themselves. Wear them below transparent tops or those that have plunging necklines. We’re very sorry to have to say this but cleavage comes with an expiry date too.


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  • Madonna wears to provoke. Is that your aim as well?2 of 5
    Madonna wears to provoke. Is that your aim as well?
    Red lips: Very few older Indian women can carry stark red lipstick for daytime events. Play safe and go for soft pinks, browns or basic nude colour on most occasions. Dark eye shadows are also not a good option to go for – the dry powder only highlights those creases around your eyes. You can try smokey eyes once in a while. 
    Mini dresses or skirts: Even though you are working out regularly, following your diet chart and toning your body well, you still shouldn’t go for miniskirts. Indian women’s thighs are prone to all kinds of not-very-pretty add-ons after 40 – think varicose veins, age spots, cellulite or just plain flab. Maxi skirts and dresses are a more graceful option. Replace short dresses with sheath dresses and knee-length ones for work or parties.
  • Janet Jackson wearing a crop top flaunting her belly3 of 5
    Janet Jackson wearing a crop top flaunting her belly
    Crop tops: Flaunting your midriff in saris is hot but crop tops with pants or skirts? Not so much at your age. If you wish to show off your well-toned abs, take our advice and pair your crop top with an oomphy chiffon sari. You’ll set the men in the room on fire.
    Frills and flounces: You get to hear, ‘Awww, so cute,’ when you are 10; ‘So hot,’ when you are in your 20s but, ‘What is she wearing?’ in your 40s. So, if you still have frill tops or flouncy dresses, save them for your little one.
  • Photo credit: laruemoderne.com4 of 5
    Photo credit: laruemoderne.com
    Sneakers: You may have spent all your youth in sneakers. Now, they should only be taken out for the gym or your daily walk or run.
    Scrunchies: It was in the 1990s that you could wear a scrunchie and roam all around the city but today, you have to let it go. Look for classier hair accessories and clips.
  • Photo credit: alittledashofdarling.com5 of 5
    Photo credit: alittledashofdarling.com
    Leopard print: We are sure you have many of them. They were quite a rage a few years back; certainly the time has passed away and you have to throw them out of your closet.
    Sparkly pants: We know bling and sparkles are a girl’s best friend but not a woman’s. Even though we all remain girls at heart, the girly touch doesn’t befit our wardrobe as much. So it is time to ditch them and go for subtler colours, textures and embellishments.