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The Essentials: Do Not Forget These for Your Interview

Prerna Gauba | Jul 24, 2015, 12:01 IST
The Essentials: Do Not Forget These for Your Interview
Sometimes amidst the hustle and bustle, nervousness and anxiety caused by the interview, we just forget or rather ignore the basics. ‘They won’t notice it’ is what we assume. But girls, the person on the other side of the table notices everything. So make sure you don’t forget these three essentials while going for an interview.

Watch: A watch is a must. Never forget to wear a watch while you are going for an interview. However, do not wear loud ones with a lot of shine and bling or those that have bold colours. Keep it simple with a small to medium dial and leather or metal strap.
Well-groomed: Well-manicured nails always leave an impression. Keep them short and filed. Make sure you don’t wear bright nail colours and acrylics – stick to safe and neutral colours like beige, light pink or peach. And no nail art, please!

The Perfect Bag: You need to be self-sufficient when you are going for an interview. Opt for a big bag with lots of compartments and arrange it well. You don’t want to end up looking for a pen through your bag and take out a lipstick instead in front of your would-be boss. Moreover, your bag should go well with your attire so choose the colour wisely. Navy blue with black, brown with navy blue, camel with ivory and grey with dark purple are a few colour combinations you could go for. Neutral shades like black, beige, cream, brown and navy blue never fail either.