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How to Wear Tees For Fine Dining – Really!

Zain Anwar | Sep 02, 2015, 12:56 IST
How to Wear Tees For Fine Dining – Really!
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If you have always wondered why fine dining restaurants insist on dress codes, it is because they want you to look and feel extremely elated when you enjoy your sumptuous bites. But if the very thought of dressing up in formals makes you uncomfortable, read on to understand how the comfort of tees can be carried to a fine dining restaurant.
1. Polos: This goes without saying that polos are your safest bet to wear to a fine dining restaurant. Extremely comfortable and elegant, polo tees will ensure a dressed-up look on the exterior while making you feel super relaxed on the inside. When wearing polos for fine dining, make sure you choose subtle colours and do not go for prints on the tees. A simple block tee paired with trousers or simple denims will be a perfect look.


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    2. V-neck Tees: V-neck tees also present a fine dining dressing opportunity for men. Unlike round neck tees, V-neck presents a dressier look and is perfect for the fine dining experience. The rule for prints here are the same. Flashy and graphic prints must be avoided for the day. A simple looking monochrome tee paired with trousers will be good. Add a contrasting blazer and you are set for the evening.
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    3. Colour Blocked Tees: A playful twist for restaurants that have relaxed dress codes, the colour blocked tee could be a sassy way to carry the smart casual dress code. While colour blocked tees are trendy and fun, they can be dressed up by pairing them with trousers. We’d suggest you to not go overboard with the colours. Stay subtle and we are sure you’d rock the look perfectly. 
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    4. Striped Tees: Stripes can be both playful and formal. The deal with the fine dining is to find a balance between the two.  With stripes, we’d recommend you to avoid chunky lines. Petite stripes that have a vintage feel to it would look both graceful and trendy. The idea is to find subtle shades that stay on the dressier side. Pair them with trousers or denims to look trendy and still classy.