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This is How You Should Take Care of Your Expensive Buys

Prerna Gauba | Jun 30, 2015, 15:22 IST
This is How You Should Take Care of Your Expensive Buys
Whether it is a black tie event or a winter wedding, the chances that you drop something on your dress are quite high. It is hard to keep your expensive things prim and proper – and it’s disheartening to see them get ruined due to any reason. But here are a few tricks that will help you maintain them.
Diamond Care: We all love diamonds – and why not – they are a girl’s best friend. Though they are expensive, maintaining them is actually very easy. If you want to keep the diamond sparkle forever, all you have to do is clean it every now and then with a mild liquid dishwasher and a used toothbrush. Really!
Cashmere Collection: We all take care of our cashmeres a little more than other dresses. But did you know that they are best when washed by hand? Irrespective of what is written on the instruction tag, you should wash them at home and dry using a large sieve or vegetable drainer as it removes extra water within seconds. To check whether the cashmere is worth what you are paying, stretch the body of the dress gently and check whether the garment snaps back. If it doesn’t, it’s not the real thing.
Red and White: Dropped red wine on your dress at a party? Just rub a bit of white wine over it, before you send it to the laundry. The marks will vanish. Magic!
How do you take care of the expensive things in your wardrobe? Tell us in the comment box.