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The Gentleman’s Guide to Accessorizing a Suit in 4 Ways

Zain Anwar | Feb 24, 2015, 17:15 IST
The Gentleman’s Guide to Accessorizing a Suit in 4 Ways
Suits are the undoubtedly the most elegant and formal western garment that men can wear. If styled properly, the several layers of the suit can create a stunning look but if ignored, or taken lightly, they also have the power to make your suit look like a comic costume. Follow these instructions to accessorize a suit perfectly unless you are purposely dressing like a clown.
Ties: Ties are, of course, the most important part of wearing a suit. While you may consider the tie to be merely an accessory for the suit, we believe that its an integral part of the suit itself. Once you wear a tie, make sure that the knot is big enough to cover your tie button completely. The knot should never dislocate your shirts collar and they should seem like resting peacefully on your knot. Also, when the tie’s length is in concern, make sure it just manages to kiss your belt’s buckle. Anything shorter or longer is the eight sin.

Photograph: A model wearing a suit with tie
Photo Credit: menstylessuites.come

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    Pocket Square: Pocket Square is a symbol of class and should be chosen wisely. Unless you want to be judged. Pocket squares must never match your dress shirt or your tie. Neither in texture, nor in colour. The Pocket square is not an extension of your suit and should never look like one. Wear a neatly folded square that is contrasting with your shirt and tie. Also, ensure that atleast three fingers worth of the square is visible. It is meant to be flaunted, why hide it, Sir?

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    Cufflinks: First thing first, cufflinks are strictly meant for French cuffed shirts and not for the usual ones. Also, never wear it with your cuffed shirts until it has double cuffs. Cufflinks come in a variety of designs and colours. Choose them according to occasions and for a formal one, silver cufflinks are the best. Do not make the mistake of buying a chunky one. Wear a simple, subtle, yet classy one. While you wear it, ensure that your cuffs create a neat line of fold. Before you pierce them, make sure the loops are aligned one below the other. Adjusting them later would only lead to chaos and would clearly reflect when you use your hands.
    Boutonniere: For those of you who heard it for the first time, a boutonniere refers to floral embellishments that men wear on their jacket’s lapels. While you may consider more vivid and vibrant ones when it comes to casual occasions, with formal jackets you should stick with small andsubtle ones. That’s it, no further discussion. Please dont look for them online, they are best when made fresh.

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