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4 Shoes to Steal the Show at a Black Tie Event

Zain Anwar | Sep 04, 2015, 17:20 IST
4 Shoes to Steal the Show at a Black Tie Event
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Gentlemen, we know that black tie events are scary things. It is extremely hard to dress yourself up due to the restrictive dressing codes. Well, while you might have found a way to perfect your look, your shoes can sometimes spoil it completely. Don’t perspire as yet, sir. Fashion101.in presents a gentleman’s guide for dress shoes.
1. Brogues: My personal favourites and arguably the classiest kinds of shoes created. Brogues will always elevate your style with class and grace. The shoe is a staple for black tie and formal occasions. Do not make the error of choosing one with creative perforations. With brogues, stay as orthodox as possible. They deserve the respect. (Looking for a tuxedo? Click here!)


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    2. Opera Shoes: Traditionally attributed to the perfect tuxedo, opera shoes also come in handy for dressed-up formal looks. Opera shoes are known for their elaborate openings and smoothly rounded toes. While choosing one, invest in one with a slight heel. They not only give you height but also add grace to the shoe. Tassels are optional, but we’d suggest that you carry it.  A mark of a good opera shoe is its toe. The toe should be round and smooth. If it is so, the shoe is prefect. (Here are four ways to protect your leather goods in monsoon)
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    3. Oxford Shoes: Oxford shoes are the trendiest and the most fun pair of formal footwear. A classy pair of oxfords that complement your outfit. When choosing oxfords for a black tie event, make sure that the colours coordinate with your outfit. If you are opting for a dual tone pair, make sure the colours are soft and traditional. Gloss has been introduced to the oxfords lately. Wear it if you feel confident enough about it. (How to accessorize your suit to perfection? Click here for ideas)
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    Photo credit: Gentlemansgazette.com
    4. Moccasins: While its sibling loafers might have become synonymous with casual footwear, a good pair of moccasins will still be perfect for a black tie. Moccasins have seen a lot of changes and not all of them are nice. For black tie events, invest in a good pair of leather moccasins. Tassels on shoes are in trend these days and moccasins are the perfect way to carry it.