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Top Fashion Colleges In India You Should Aim For

Fashion101.in | Apr 18, 2016, 12:20 IST
Top Fashion Colleges In India You Should Aim For
NIFT, Delhi
It’s that time of the year again when Hrithik Roshan and Sunny Leone are no longer your most Googled words. It is here that the focus finally lands on the career and the decision to hunt for the perfect college starts. So in order to ease that burden on you and Google, Fashion101.in lists you everything about India’s top fashion colleges.
1. National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT), Delhi: Established in 1986 by Ministry of Textiles in collaboration with FIT in New York, NIFT Delhi is one of the most renowned names in the fashion industry. Based in the heart of Delhi, NIFT offers a range of courses and boasts of alumni like Rohit Bal, Manish Arora, Ritu Beri etc. The course fees rounds off at a little over 1 Lakh per annum on an average. For the hostel residence, another 50,000 rupees per annum must be paid.

Courses offered:
  1. B.Des. (Fashion Design)
  2. B.Des. (Leather Design)
  3. B.Des. (Accessory Design)
  4. B.Des. (Textile Design)
  5. B.Des. (Knitwear Design)
  6. B.Des. (Fashion Communication)
  7. Bachelor Programme - Technology
  8. B.FTech. (Apparel Production)
  9. M.Des. (Master of Design)
  10. M.F.M (Master of Fashion Managment)
  11. M.FTech. (Master of Fashion Technology)
Contact: 011-26542100


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  • Pearl Academy, Delhi2 of 10
    Pearl Academy, Delhi
    2. Pearl Academy of Fashion: Gaining popularity through its wonderful courses and faculty tie ups with international leaders, Pearl academy, in the 23 years of it’s existence has become one of the most sought after names in fashion. The varied course range ensures a vivid choice for applicants. The fee for the undergraduate courses range from 3.9 Lakhs to 5.4 Lakhs per annum on an average. Residential facilities are available near the campus. The hostel fee is around 2.75 lakhs per annum.

    Courses offered at the Fashion School:
    1. BA Fashion Design
    2. BA Fashion Styling and Image Design
    3. BA Fashion Media Communication
    4. BA Communication Design (choice of four pathways: Experience Design, Graphic Design & Advertising, Interactive Media Design and Film & Animation)
    5. BA Interior Architecture & Design
    6. BA Interior Product Design
    7. BA Fashion Business Management
    8. BA Fashion Marketing and Retail Management
    9. BA Branding and Advertising Management
    10. BA Luxury Brand Management
    11. BA Jewellery Design
    Contact: 011 4980 7100
  • NIFT, Mumbai3 of 10
    NIFT, Mumbai
    3. National Institute of Fashion Technology, Mumbai: Based in the financial hub of the country, NIFT Mumbai prides on its academically rich faculty and experienced staff. The state-of-the-art campus allows perfect training for the students. High on hands on and industry experience, NIFT, Mumbai is a highly sought after name in the fraternity. The course structure, fees and admission procedure of all the NIFTs are same.  For the hostel though, the fees for a room on twin sharing basis is 1.02 lakhs per annum. (For a non AC room)
    Courses offered : 
    1. B. Des. (Accessory Design)
    2. B. Des. (Fashion Design)
    3. B. Des. (Knitwear Design)
    4. B. Des. (Textile Design)
    5. B. Des. (Fashion Communication)
    6. B.FTech. (Apparel Production)
    Contact: 022- 27747000, 27747100
  • NIFT, Bengaluru4 of 10
    NIFT, Bengaluru
    4. National Institute of Fashion Technology, Bengaluru: Another NIFT campus on the list is the one at Bengaluru. Apart from being equipped with the most modern education imparting techniques, NIFT Bengaluru has a number of tie-ups with foreign universities that enrich the student programme through interactions and student exchange programmes. The college has MOUs with various member institutes of IFFTI. Some of the prominent ones being Hogeskolan I Boras, Sweden, Birmingham School of Art & Design, UK and RMIT, Australia, etc. The campus provides hostel facilities and it can be availed at Rs.44,000/- per annum.

    Courses offered:
    1. BDes Fashion Design
    2. BDes Accessory Design
    3. BDes Textile Design
    4. BDes Fashion Communication
    5. BDes Knitwear Design
    6. BFTech Apparel Production
    Contact: 080-22552550-55
  • Symbiosis Institute of Design, Pune5 of 10
    Symbiosis Institute of Design, Pune
    5. Symbiosis Institute of Design, Pune: Started in 2006, SID, Pune has become a name to reckon with in the fashion industry. The campus boasts of modern amenities and education imparting methods that enable an overall development of the student. The large campus also boasts of plenty of industry collaborations and the students have been previously absorbed at places like Infosys, Mudra Communications and Whirlpool. The course fees vary from 3.3 Lakhs to a little over 4.3 lakhs.  The hostel is available at the campus in Pune from Rs.68,000 to 88,000 per annum. An additional deposit of 15,000 rupees must be paid too.
    Courses Offered at SID, Pune:
    1. BDes Communication Design
    2. BDes Industrial Design
    3. BDes Fashion Communication
    4. BDes Fashion Design
    5. BDes Textile Design

    Contacts: 020 2663 4546
  • NIFT, Hyderabad6 of 10
    NIFT, Hyderabad
    6. National Institute of Fashion Technology, Hyderabad: Keeping the name of the NIFT franchise high, the Huderabad campus has recently made a name for itself. With a major girl’s hostel in the campus and a wide array of production and academic tools at it’s disposal, NIFT, Hyderabad has become a sought after name. A variety of industrial training and college projects prepare the students well for the real world. The campus also has a Girl’s only hostel which can be availaed at Rs.43,000 per annum.

    Courses offered:
    1. BDes Accessories Design
    2. BDes Fashion Communication
    3. BDes Fashion Design
    4. BDes Knitwear Design
    5. BDes Textile Design
    Contact: 040- 23110841 / 42 / 43
  • NIFT, Chennai7 of 10
    NIFT, Chennai
    7. National Institute of Fashion Technology, Chennai: Like every other NIFT campus, the one in Chennai too is complete with state-of-the-art equipment and classrooms. The college has an active battery of experienced faculty that imparts the finest academic learning. Besides, the college is also a student’s favorite because of the vivid courses it offer that are second only to NIFT, Delhi. The campus has a girls hostel and the fee for the same is 91,000 and 1Lkh for Non AC and AC accommodation respectively.
    Courses offered:
    1. BDes Fashion Design
    2. BDes Leather Design
    3. BDes Accessory Design
    4. BDes Textile Design
    5. BDes Knitwear Design
    6. BDes Fashion Communication
    7. BFTech Fashion Technology
    Contact: 044 22542756
  • Northern India Institute of Fashion Technology, Mohali8 of 10
    Northern India Institute of Fashion Technology, Mohali
    8. Northern Indian Institute of Fashion Technology, Mohali: Located around the outskirts of Chandigarh, The NIIFT is catering to the large fashion and textile industry in North India. The large and modern campus is frequented by industry experts who provide a rich insight to the working model of the fraternity. Apart from a dedicated pool of faculty, the college also has a tie up with NIFT, Delhi for “steering and supporting in admission procedure, faculty recruitment and training as well as curriculum scheduling and upgrading.”
    A major disappointment is the lack of courses available. The fee for undergraduate courses are around Rs. 75,000 per annum. Hostel facilities are also available at Rs26,000 per annum.
    Courses offered:
    1. BSc Fashion Design
    2. BScTextile Design
    3. BScFashion Design Knits

    Contact: 0172-5044994
  • Amity School of Fashion Technology, NOIDa9 of 10
    Amity School of Fashion Technology, NOIDa
    9. Amity School of Fashion Technology, NOIDA: One of the key players in the private education sector, Amity School of Fashion Technology thrives on its superb infrastructure and the lineup of smart faculty. Moreover, constant projects and trainings enable the students a deeper insight into the industry. The school offers a varied range of courses enabling student to choose a course that suits them best. The undergraduate courses range from 2.16-2.88 lakhs per annum. The hostel costs are 80,000 per annum for Non AC and 1.5 Lakh per annum for an AC room.

    Courses offered:
    1. B. Des. (Fashion Communication) 
    2. B. Des. (Fashion Design)  
    3. B. Des. (Fashion Technology)
    4. B. Des. (Textile Design)
    5. Diploma in Fashion Design
    6. M. A. (Fashion Retail Management)
    7. M. Design (Fashion & Textiles)
    9. M.A. (Fashion & Textile Merchandising)
    10. M.A - Design (Fashion & Textiles)
    11. MBA (Fashion Management)
    12. Ph.D. in Fashion (Design / Technology / Management) 
    13. Ph.D. in Fashion (Design / Technology / Management)(Part Time)
    Contact: 0120-4392429 -4392283
  • Pearl Academy, Jaipur10 of 10
    Pearl Academy, Jaipur
    10. Pearl Academy, Jaipur: Being one of the finest campuses in India, Peral Academy in Jaipur has a made a reputation in merely 9 years of its existence. The course structure is similar to the ones in Delhi and the faculty and infrastructure is also at par. The variety of courses offered at the campus makes it one of the best in the industry. The fee is slightly on the higher side and it varies from 2.82 – 3.89 lakhs per annum for undergraduate courses. The campus has a modern hostel which can be availed at another 1.5 Lakhs per annum.
    Courses offered:
    1. BA (hons) Fashion Design
    2. BA (hons) Fashion Styling & Image Design
    3. BA (hons) Interior Architecture & Design
    4. BA (hons) Fashion Business Management
    5. BA (hons) Communication Design
    6. BA (hons) Luxury Brand Management
    7. BA (hons) Fashion Media Communication
    8. BA (hons) Fashion Marketing & Retail Management
    9. BA (hons) Textile Design for Fashion & Interiors
    10. BA (hons) Interior Product Design
    11. BA (hons) Jewellery Design
    Contact: 01426 – 414800