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From reality stars to TV actors, you can't miss out on these sizzling hot photoshoots

Ananya Bhowmik | Apr 29, 2017, 16:49 IST
From reality stars to TV actors, you can't miss out on these sizzling hot photoshoots
Ruhi Singh; Photo: amitkhannaphotography/Instagram
You might see these TV actors on the small screen playing their respective characters clad in traditional attires. However, after pack up, these actors turn into their hotter, bolder and experimental selves for photoshoots. Reality TV stars are no less and ooze hotness when they pose for cameras.

Be it Tina Dutta or Lopa Mudra, their daring shoots will drop your jaws! Guess who is the mastermind behind these sizzling shoots? Fashion photographer Amit Khanna is a pro at making the actors break out of their shells and raise their oomph factors on camera.
Besides photography, Amit Khanna has tried his hands at script writing, direction and even acting. We bet you haven’t seen your fav stars in these avatars before.


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  • Lopamudra Raut; Photo: amitkhannaphotography/Instagram2 of 9
    Lopamudra Raut; Photo: amitkhannaphotography/Instagram
  • Tina Dutta; Photo: amitkhannaphotography/Instagram3 of 9
    Tina Dutta; Photo: amitkhannaphotography/Instagram
  • Karishma Sharma; Photo: amitkhannaphotography/Instagram4 of 9
    Karishma Sharma; Photo: amitkhannaphotography/Instagram
  • Diandra Soares; Photo: amitkhannaphotography/Instagram5 of 9
    Diandra Soares; Photo: amitkhannaphotography/Instagram
  • Suzanna Mukherjee; Photo: amitkhannaphotography/Instagram6 of 9
    Suzanna Mukherjee; Photo: amitkhannaphotography/Instagram
  • Poonam Rajput; Photo: amitkhannaphotography/Instagram7 of 9
    Poonam Rajput; Photo: amitkhannaphotography/Instagram
  • Scarlett Rose; Photo: amitkhannaphotography/Instagram8 of 9
    Scarlett Rose; Photo: amitkhannaphotography/Instagram
  • Sidhant Gupta; Photo: amitkhannaphotography/Instagram9 of 9
    Sidhant Gupta; Photo: amitkhannaphotography/Instagram