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Guys, Get Set to Go Tropical This Season

Riaan J. George | Jul 26, 2016, 14:42 IST
Guys, Get Set to Go Tropical This Season
Add some tropical to your casual wardrobe. Photograph: Vishal Jolapara
In the past few weeks, I’ve been deliberating about the prevailing trend. Especially in the Indian subcontinent, where we’re not only battling the rain but also the heat and humidity.
I’ve noticed that most people look for comfort over style. As for me, I look for form as well as functionality. The current trend that I am absolutely digging is tropical prints.
It was huge this summer and continues to be a rage. Whether it is cotton, linen or any other breathable fabric, these are absolutely perfect to make a dapper style statement.
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  • Embrace the Aloha shirt this season. Photograph: Vishal Jolapara2 of 4
    Embrace the Aloha shirt this season. Photograph: Vishal Jolapara
    Tropical shirts, traditionally known as ‘Aloha Shirts’ or the ‘Hawaiian Shirts’ are usually all over print, buttoned short sleeved shirts of loud but soothing colours, that make it a bit too hard not to look twice.
    These prints first emerged from Hawaii, but now, designers worldwide have given an enthusiastic nod to these motifs. The bold blooms and leafy botanical prints are not just about its prints, it’s the tradition behind it. It’s an absolute joy to see this islander look become one of the most dominating trends of Spring-Summer 16’.
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  • No mixing and matching! Photograph: Vishal Jolapara3 of 4
    No mixing and matching! Photograph: Vishal Jolapara
    Tropical prints have a distinct identity of their own so it might not always be easy to club it with other trends. What we must understand is that a tropical look should stay a tropical look with no mixing and matching. So I’ve done my experimenting with pieces from United Colors of Benetton’s Spring Summer 16’ collection.
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  • Keep it casual. Photograph: Vishal Jolapara.4 of 4
    Keep it casual. Photograph: Vishal Jolapara.
    Styling is best kept casual when it comes to tropical prints. Keep it simple, easy going, maybe use some beachwear basics but don’t complicate things. Remember, ‘the simpler, the better’.
    For a cool day look, I chose this really comfy cotton tee which was so breathable and had a fit that was just perfect, clubbed with some dapper denim shorts to complete my look. My personal preference would be wearing a printed shirt or tee rather than printed shorts.
    I’ve chosen a few ever-so-luxurious linen shirts to be worn with navy trousers, this way we can be a bit experimental and give it a dressier touch. I also tried this really quirky yet fun print on print look, also a linen on linen look, which I would love wearing when chilling with friends or even for an evening walk.
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