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5 lipstick mistakes that you are making without even realising

Shahnaz Husain | May 10, 2017, 17:01 IST
5 lipstick mistakes that you are making without even realising
Lipstick is a makeup essential that every women owns, but most don't get it right. Here are a few mistakes you may be doing without even realising
#Mistake 1: Not exfoliating lips
Just like you scrub your skin, you must exfoliate your lips as well to slough off dead skin. This prevents chapping of the lips. Chapped and dry lips make it impossible to apply lipstick smoothly.
#Mistake 2: Buying cheap and expired lipsticks
Never compromise on quality when buying lipsticks. Also, remember that all cosmetics have a shelf life. If you ever find that a lipstick has become too greasy, it can mean that the oils have separated. This can happen when lipsticks are old. It is best to stop using them. Skin discolourations, caused by lipsticks, are more common than we think. This is due to certain ingredients, which cause a photosensitive reaction, leading to problems like skin irritation and discolouration. Sometimes, the perfumes used in lipsticks can also cause irritation and allergic reactions.
#Mistake 3: Wrong application
Lipstick should be applied from the middle of the lips instead of corner and then extending to either side, for easy application. Also, make sure that there is no lipstick on your teeth. This is actually a common mistake that people make.
#Mistake 4: Picking the wrong shade
When choosing lip colours, keep your own skin colour tone in mind. If you have a pale, yellowish complexion, avoid orange. For dark skin, avoid very pale colours. Brighter and more intense colours are better for a occasions where there are plenty of lights, otherwise the lips may look washed out. You may think that light pastel colours would be right for summer, but I feel that bright colours would suit a dusky complexion. You can also go for dark pink. Lastly, avoid applying too much lipstick.
Mistake 5: Not defining cupid’s bow
Instead of straight up applying a lipstick, define your cupid’s bow for major impact. You can also use lip pencil for easy application. Start from the top of your upper lip and create an X shape tracing your cupid’s bow. Now fill in the rest of the lips with a lipstick.