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IN PICS: This is how Priyanka Chopra's looks have changed over the years

Shaily Rawat | Apr 28, 2017, 10:06 IST
IN PICS: This is how Priyanka Chopra's looks have changed over the years
Priyanka Chopra then and now
Actor Priyanka Chopra is in a place where any actor would love to be. At the age of 34, the global star has already reached the pinnacle of success. She started her journey in the glamorous world at the age of 17. After winning beauty pageants, she got into films and mesmerised audiences with her charm, acting and looks. After a successful career in Bollywood, the actor bagged international projects- American TV show Quantico and Hollywood film Baywatch.
When it comes to fashion and beauty, Priyanka has always been trendy. Over the years, she got a hang of what suits her body and face. While most of the other Bollywood contemporary actors stick to stereotype makeup and hairstyles, PeeCee has proved herself as a beauty chameleon. From vibrant lips to nudes and wavy updo, she has experimented with everything. A few know that Priyanka wears tinted lens that complements her makeup and hair.
However, her changing facial features in the passing years have always remained a controversial topic. There have been reports that she has tweaked her nose and lips to enhance her features. Also, it is interesting to note that Priyanka's mother, Madhu Chopra, is a doctor and owns a cosmetic surgery clinic called Studio Aesthetique in Mumbai.


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  • 19992 of 13
    These pictures are from Priyanka Chopra's first portfolio shoot. She looks young and natural. Her lips looks perfect, but not as fuller as they look now.
  • 20003 of 13
    It is a known fact that 80 per cent of beauty pageant contestants go under the knife to increase their chances of winning. There were reports that Priyanka had done lip job before she entered Miss World contest.
  • 20044 of 13
    Back in 2004, Priyanka sticked to basic makeup. A black eyeliner, mascara  and a lip tint on a matte face was enough for her. However, her nose looks pointy from the tip and her hair lacks the lustre.
  • 20065 of 13
    In 2006, her obsession for tinted lens started. During this time, she started experimenting with her eye makeup and hair. 
  • 20086 of 13
    In 2008, her skin looks incredibly flawless and smooth. She loved to do smokey eyes. Her hair, too, looks shiny and healthy. 
  • 20097 of 13
    In 2009, Priyanka mastered the art of shimmery smokey eyes. However, the bumpy lower edge of her upper lip looks unnatural.
  • 20108 of 13
    In 2010, Priyanka chopped off her mane and rocked shorter hair. She prefers thin eyebrows, defined eyes and subtle red lips.
  • 20129 of 13
    In 2012, Priyanka tweaked her makeup routine and updated her techniques. She wore hair extensions to make her hair look voluminous. Her makeup now looks polished and wearable. She also made her brows thicker.
  • 201310 of 13
    In 2013, Priyanka experimented a lot with her haistyles. Subtle eyes, bold lips and stylish hairstyles were her go-to look. 
  • 201511 of 13
    In 2015, she said goodbye to her light green tinted lens and switched to natural and brownish tints. Her subtle eye makeup and bright lipsticks looks great on her. She even coloured her hair and rocked beachy waves like a pro. 
  • 201612 of 13
    In 2016, Priyanka was seen in many incredible makeup looks. 
  • 201713 of 13
    In 2017, Priyanka rocked oxblood lips at the Golden Globes Awards and sported subtle makeup at Oscars.