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MAKEUP SECRET! This is how Ileana D'Cruz is always paparazzi ready

Fashion101.in | Apr 11, 2017, 12:52 IST
MAKEUP SECRET! This is how Ileana D'Cruz is always paparazzi ready
Celebrities always have the pressure of looking fresh and beautiful. And since it's the age of paparazzi, cameras follow the stars like a shadow all the time.
Actor Ileana D’Cruz revealed her secret weapen to look flawless in front of the camera. From carrying minimal makeup in flight to using a well-fomulated moisturiser, she shares her personal in-flight beauty routine.
Minimal makeup: Before stepping off the plane, I use my facewash to cleanse and refresh my skin and follow it up with a tinted BB cream to bring about an instant glow. I then use a lip tint and after that I am ready for the paparazzi.
Face Mist: I normally have very minimal makeup if I am travelling during the day and going short distances, but for long flights, I always make sure to remove any makeup residue once I settle in my seat and after that I spray some hydrating mist on the face.
Lip Balm: One thing I don’t neglect is my lips as they too need nourishment. So, I apply an oil-rich lip balm to keep them from getting chapped and dry.
Water: For a long flight, it’s important not to forget to hydrate yourself along with the skin, so drinking lots of water is very important.
Wet napkin: I sometimes like to use a warm napkin followed by a cold one. This really feels relaxing and makes my in-flight beauty routine a bit more like a spa regime.