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5 tips to protect hair from holi colour

Fashion101.in | Mar 07, 2017, 16:31 IST
5 tips to protect hair from holi colour
Holi is round the corner and with the kind of excitement building up for it, there is also a sense of danger. Yes, danger for your hair. The chemical laden colours often play havoc on your hair and cause major issues. Here’s how you can protect yourself.
Harmful toxins present in both dry and wet colours can easily take away the sheen off your hair, making it dry and frizzy. So, don't forget to massage your scalp, get rid of the split ends and apply root mask to protect your hair, says an expert.
Tip 1: Massaging works wonders on your hair. It is very important to massage your scalp thoroughly with coconut-based oil before you step into the Holi celebrations. Coconut-based hair oil gives the protective covering layer to your hair, which then helps you to wash off the colours from your hair with ease
Tip 2: Adding few drops of lemon to the oil and applying it on your hair helps in keeping the toxins found in colours at bay. This is really helpful for those who have a sensitive scalp.
Tip 3: It is advisable to apply root mask to your hair which will help your hair and scalp from dryness. The mask helps in regaining the texture and shines to your hair post the Holi party ends.
Tip 4: If you have long hair, ensure that you tie it up so that the colour stains are splashed only in lesser areas. It is preferable to make a braid instead of ponytail as it helps in keeping your hair together causing lesser damage with the colours.
Tip 5: Make sure you get rid of the split ends before the colours are all over your hair. These colours make your hair dry, causing more split ends.