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Hate you hairline? Here's how you can fix it at home with this hack

Shaily Rawat | May 19, 2017, 17:52 IST
Hate you hairline? Here's how you can fix it at home with this hack
Beauty blogger Farah Dhukai
When we wear our hair back -whether in a bun, braid or ponytail, the little baby hair on our hairline get in our way, making it difficult to achieve a perfect sleek look. Beauty guru on Instagram Farah Dhukai recently shared a cool DIY hack to get rid of those baby hair and achieve a perfect hairline.
She claims that with the help of her natural wax recipe, she changed the shape of her face from a pear to an oval. "If your gorilla hairy like I am, your hairyness ends up taking over your entire life!! My baby hairs have taken over my forehead and because there's so much hair, it gives the illusion that my face shape is a pear - I CHANGE MY FACESHAPE from looking like a pear to an oval, just by fixing my hairline,"she posted.
How to make natural wax recipe
1 cup granulated sugar
1 tsp sea salt
2 tbsp lemon juice (or vinegar)
2 tbsp water
Mix all the ingredients. Heat in microwave for a total of 6 minutes, but stop every 1 min to stir (it should be the colour of maple syrup once its done).
How to do it
There are two ways of doing it:
Option #1 You can use it in the liquid consistency with a strip like traditional wax
Option #2 You can let the wax cool a little and use it with no strips
1. Tie your hair into a tight pony.
2. Brush hair you want to remove forward and trim the long ones with scissors
3. Apply cornstarch, so it doesn't hurt as bad
4. Hold your hair back and apply wax to the hair you want gone


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